Easy Instagram Analytics with these Social Media Dashboards

The importance of social media has grown considerably for online businesses. Social media can help a business build its brand, engage customers, and deal with issues directly. Customers expect to find you on the biggest social sites, so a lack of presence can make you appear out of touch. Use one of these social media dashboards to easily access key Instagram analytics.

While the benefits of social media cannot be underestimated, it does take a lot of work to maintain profiles across the various sites. Effective management becomes vital, with social media dashboards helping to run all your campaigns from a single site. The following dashboards are considered among the best, all helping to streamline most aspects of social media management.

Easy Instagram Analytics via GIPHY


Hootsuite is among the most popular social media tools available, with a large user base running their social media campaigns through it. The dashboard lets you monitor activity, schedule posts, and study engagement activities, using multiple accounts across the different social platforms. If you have a larger business, it is possible to set up different team member accounts for your staff.


Cyfe is actually an all-in-one business dashboard, but it can be used simply to run your social media accounts. Cyfe uses a widget system to run the aspects of your business you require, for example, an SEO campaign, analytics, sales, finance, project management, and more. These widgets include the major social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another of the most popular social tools, with features like content publishing, analytics, follower engagement, and reporting. Sprout Social aims to connect all your social profiles, allowing you to syndicate content and engage people across multiple platforms. If a conversation about your brand, product, or business takes place across any social platform, you can quickly respond to it.

Easy Instagram Analytics via GIPHY


Sendible is a social media management tool that aims to save time and increase ROI for users. Sendible has 4 main aspects to its dashboard. The engagement part is aimed at filtering out the important content you need to react to. Monitoring uncovers references to your brand, so you can quickly respond to it. Lead generation is important for finding new followers and customers. Finally, analytics can tell you exactly what is working in each campaign.


Dasheroo is another all-in-one business dashboard, but it can be used solely for your social media needs. Users integrate widgets from their favorite social media platforms, with the dashboard aiming to provide the most important insights from each site. Dasheroo uses their own method of reporting back the essential information, so you don’t have to search through irrelevant data to find what you need.


Buffer is another popular social dashboard, with the common features of scheduling, monitoring, and engagement. A less common part of Buffer is the option to create content to fit each social media site. The designer feature helps to create optimum image sizes, with stylish typography making your content stand out.

Social media is an aspect of an online business that can’t be ignored. Using a social media dashboard is a sensible way of running your social campaigns, allowing you to see everything from one screen. The dashboard you choose will vary depending on your needs, but the important thing is that you are able to improve productivity, cater to your followers, and provide an excellent service.

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